When the love of chocolates takes over. Deuxcett is a poetic chocolate dream come through – where elements of art, design and food gastronomy are put together in perfect harmony. A unique take to the cosmopolitan country, Deuxcett represents a gift of Singapore like no other.

- When sweetness doubles

[dooo -set]


  1.   Doubly pleasant to the eye and sweet to taste

The name of Deuxcett derives from the words ‘Deux’ in French for 2, and ‘Dulcet’, in English that means sweetness to the eyes and taste, aptly named for its two-fold delight in aesthetics and taste.

An Ode to Chocolate

Chocolate as the world’s the best gift. 

One of nature’s best sources of antixoxidants, Cocoa encompasses a rich amount of minerals- such as iron magnesium copper and manganese , as well as healthy, naturally occurring bioflavoids.

Chocolate in its purest form, cocoa has been prized and exalted for its distinctive flavour throughout its 2000 year history; befittingly classified in Latin name as: Theobroma Cacao, translating exquisitely as “Food of the gods”.

Come savour this extraordinary Deuxcett experience, of culinary indulgence and stunning artistry that will tantalise your tastebuds and enrich your soul.

“Love is Chocolate -

The unprocessed kind. Dark. Bitter.
But always with the promise of sweet
Ellen Hopkins